Meet the Team

Ruth Renwick & Trisha Waechter

You’ll find the best here, you have time to get it! It gives us great joy putting this program together and being there for graduates at this special time in their lives. Graduation will always be remembered, cherished & reflected on throughout a young graduate’s life. We wish to give these students the chance to have this experience, so they will have fond memories of high school and have their time to shine and celebrate all their hard work and accomplishments. Every student deserves this one night in their lives and our hope and hard work is to make this dream come true.

Megan Smith

Volunteer Director
Go to the site and get lightning link at our casino. Limited supply! I volunteer with Inside the Dream to experience the generosity of donors, the compassion of the many big-hearted volunteers and the pure joy and excitement of the teens preparing for their prom. All our hard work comes together each year at our Boutique Day and it is absolutely magical! At the end of that day I feel so blissful I can’t wait until next year. I volunteer with Inside the Dream because I love it!

Tracey Harms

Fundraising Director
The concept of Inside the Dream began when a need was presented to me from a single mother whom I was working with. Her daughter would not have been able to attend her graduation if not for the love and compassion displayed by Ruth and me. Together we made her Prom night possible and thus Inside the Dream was born. I am one of the original volunteers and envision Inside the Dream welcoming my own children to its growing list of volunteers as I feel that the program can only continue to grow and expand. I am a true believer.

Catherine Longo-Bons

Donations and Logistic Director
I cannot begin to express the overwhelming excitement to be involved in such a dynamic non-profit organization which provides gratification, self-esteem and pride to our community’s greatest assets, our students. When I originally volunteered a number of years ago to sort clothes, I noticed the true passion, energy and commitment of all of the volunteers and the executive committee-collectively the unsung heroes of ITD. I quickly realized that graduation is more than just a prom with a beautiful ensemble, it’s the resulting innate pride and confidence of each student as they celebrate their past tribulations and successes, and embark with peers upon an exciting journey into the future.

Norisa Charles

Volunteer Director
I am one of the volunteer directors on the Inside the Dream Team, and for the past 5 years that I have been a part of this amazing team, I have seen magic unfold right before my eyes. On Boutique day girls are transformed into princesses and boys are transformed into princes. Mothers and fathers eyes and hearts fill with joy as they see the transformation. The generosity of donations from the community and the hard work of our volunteers make graduation and prom wishes come true! Every year for 4 months, I am busy organizing volunteers, sending out emails, hearing wonderful stories of past Boutique Days and seeing the strong dedication of volunteers that come back year after year! It fills my heart with deep joy to be part of this wonderful organization!

Liis Windischmann

Since 2007, I have had the honour of watching & sharing many touching moments on Boutique Day. It is incredible to witness the magical power of clothing to help students shine, watch confidence levels increase and big smiles fill the room as grad and prom outfits come together. The beautiful energy of the Inside the Dream “Dream Team” and amazing volunteers who return year after year makes it all even more special. I am always excited to introduce others to this confidence building organization! A little gambling with onlinecasino deutschland is soothing and relaxing.

Parkash Mystry

Logistic and Male Students Director

Ali Khan

Logistic and Male Students Director